Be comfortable being uncomfortable…Be

Be comfortable being uncomfortable…

I just attended an amazing conference last week in Charlotte and one of the key takeaways I brought home with me is to be comfortable being uncomfortable. When we were born, most, if not all of us, were uncomfortable living outside our mother’s womb. That’s the reason why babies cry but over a few hours, […]

You don’t have to always stay positive…You

You don’t have to always stay positive…

Always think positive, that’s what they usually say or advise to people who are dealing with something. But recently, I have been pondering whether it is really beneficial to always be positive.   So my university’s men’s basketball team is competing for the championship for the first time in 32 years! The last time they […]

Are you really free?Are

Are you really free?

What is freedom for you? Is it not being in jail? Is it being financially free? Is it having no problems?   I was talking to my coach and we discussed what freedom is like. Not actually the goal of the session but it went there. That’s the beauty of talking to someone that won’t […]

Love yourself…Love

Love yourself…

I am down with a really bad cold, and usually, when I have this type of cold, I’ll have an asthmatic attack after a couple of days. Pretty sure I got this from my commute to work, well it’s flu and cold season now here in Canada so most commuters can’t help but get sick. […]

Be careful what you wish for…Be

Be careful what you wish for…

Have you ever want something so bad but when you get it, you realized that what you already had is what you really want?   If you have been following me, I shared that my contract was not renewed and that led to me being out of the workforce for 52 days, the longest break […]

What are you afraid of?What

What are you afraid of?

It’s Halloween today. So I guess, it is kind of timely to talk about the things that we are afraid of. When I was a kid (actually up to now), I have always been afraid of ghosts. I might have seen one or two, but who knows, it might just be my imagination. I didn’t […]

Why Do You Wake Up Every Morning?Why

Why Do You Wake Up Every Morning?

I remember an advertisement on TV by Nescafe when I was still in the Philippines. The main question in the ad is “Who do you wake up for in the morning?” and that’s what we will try to answer today. The question “Who do you wake up for in the morning?” is almost synonymous to […]

What might I…What

What might I…

I love listening to podcasts when driving. I think it’s one good way of using my alone time as I’m hitting two birds with one stone, me getting to where I’m supposed to go (literally) and me continuing my journey towards self-improvement. I’m currently listening to the Mindvalley Podcast and this reflection is about one […]

What’s the sound of your music?What’s

What’s the sound of your music?

While I’m waiting for my next contract to start, I have been keeping myself busy with a lot of things. Bringing and fetching my daughter to school, writing a book, boxing, playing video games, investing time on my coaching practice and most recently, joining an orchestra. I’m not sure if I have told you before, […]

Know Your Values…Know

Know Your Values…

Values are the principles people live by. They are what drive people and make them tick. Values are unique per person because they are what they think are important in their lives. There are two types of values: fear-based and conscious based. Values based on fear are the ones that cause you to take action […]