Values are the principles people live by. They are what drive people and make them tick. Values are unique per person because they are what they think are important in their lives.

There are two types of values: fear-based and conscious based. Values based on fear are the ones that cause you to take action to avoid something. They are have to’s. On the other hand, conscious values allow people to take positive action. They are want to’s.

So enough of the boring stuff. I learned about my values during my coaching course. Although I know the term, it turned out I really don’t know what it means. I thought values are as straightforward as what you value in life. NOT!

Anyway, as I get to know my values and try to understand them, I got a lot of clarity. For example, I thought I value accomplishment but as it turned out, I only value it because it brings prestige and fame and the fear of what other people may say if I don’t accomplish something. What I really value is hard work and the journey towards accomplishing something but not the accomplishment itself. Because when I accomplish something, I look for other things I can accomplish.

What’s my point? Your values are a lot more than just “values”! If a value is not being honored, it might push your button. Say, if you value trust and someone broke it, it will give you a hard time to trust that person or even trusting anyone ever again. If you value safety and someone cuts you while you are driving, you’ll get mad. Know your values, know why you value them, know why you need them in your life. The more you understand it, the more you’ll understand yourself.