I’m sorry but we are not moving on with your application…I’m

I’m sorry but we are not moving on with your application…

Has there ever been a time when you were interviewed for a job and you feel like you nailed it, but after a few days, your recruiter will tell you that you didn’t get the job? It happened to me this week, not once but twice and it was so frustrating. I feel like I’m […]

First day high…First

First day high…

Nope. Not my first day, but it was my daughter’s first day of school last Tuesday. I can’t remember anything from my kindergarten days – what we studied, who my classmates were (well my brother and I were classmates and according to my mom, we always fight). I remember my teacher, her name is Fely […]

Keeping your hopes up…Keeping

Keeping your hopes up…

2018 has been an awesome year so far. We sold our condo, albeit we are renting. We made a major purchase, I got a new job, a have a few side-hustles, my coaching practice is starting to take-off, my son was born, my daughter started school. There’s a lot to be thankful and grateful for. […]

Keep Driving…Keep

Keep Driving…

Last Monday, I did my longest drive ever in terms of distance. I drove for 417 km for almost 5 hours straight This is not my longest drive in terms of hours though as I’ve been stuck in traffic for 6 hours in the Philippines and that’s just a 137 km drive. We went to […]

Go on a date at least once a month…Go

Go on a date at least once a month…

That’s what the priest told us when my wife and I got married. For the first 6 months, we were doing that until my wife got pregnant. With her having a big tummy, it became really hard for us to go to a mall or go out so we did dates at home. This was […]

What I learned from boxing…What

What I learned from boxing…

I love boxing. I don’t know why but there’s something in this sport that really makes me patronize it. Probably, the science behind it, or when your favorite boxer KOs their opponent. I was 11 years old when I was hooked to the sport. It was when I watched then Filipino champion Luisito Espinosa take […]

The impostor in me…The

The impostor in me…

I am proud of what I’m doing in my IT and coaching practice. I feel that I am good at it, in fact, most of the time I feel like I’m an expert in what I do. But it all came crashing down one day. Without trying to bore you with what I do in […]

Where to get your confidence…Where

Where to get your confidence…

I attended a Toastmasters meeting the other day as a guest. If you’ll ask me 10 years ago to go to these kinds of social events, I will give you a BIG NO. But now, it’s different. I even gave an impromptu speech about one of the table topics they have. I felt nervous like […]

My passion is…My

My passion is…

Do you know what your passion is? Passion is a big word and as millennials, you will always hear us say, “I would love to do my passion but…” Let me ask you this, do you really know what your passion is? Well, I only got a clear understanding of it after reading the book […]

Know where you are at in your life…Know

Know where you are at in your life…

The life we are living is the combination of the different sections/life aspects in the wheel of life. What is the wheel of life? It is a tool that lets you identify where you are at in the different aspects of your life. It has a lot of versions but mainly, sections in the circle […]