What is freedom for you? Is it not being in jail? Is it being financially free? Is it having no problems?
I was talking to my coach and we discussed what freedom is like. Not actually the goal of the session but it went there. That’s the beauty of talking to someone that won’t really jump in your box, that’s the beauty of coaching.
We’ve been talking about how my coaching practice is going and why I’m deciding to take it easy for a while, serve my current clients to the best of my ability while exploring who else can I serve. The usual, why, how, what questions and boom, we had a breakthrough why I am thinking this way. It is because for the first time, I don’t want to be somebody else and I hope my reflection today can help you realize what freedom really is, at least in my own words.
All along, my idea of freedom is being free to do whatever you want to do in life but within the laws and moral guidelines. If this is your definition of freedom as well, then you are indeed FREE. The question here though is are you doing what you really should be doing or you are just living somebody else’s life? Believe me, for a long time, and from time to time, I’ve been trying hard to be somebody else. I want to be like my mentors, I want to be like the famous influencers, I want to be rich like all those rich people in the world to the point that I will do or copy whatever they are doing. Post here, post that, travel here, travel there, buy this, buy that and though I got what I wanted somehow, I realized that it is still not what I am probably looking for.
It was by deciding that I don’t want to be somebody else anymore did I experience real freedom for the first time. I am not saying it’s wrong to look up to people, copy them and use them as motivation, what I’m saying is find the answer to the question how can I be like them by not forgetting who I really am.
What’s my point? My new definition of freedom is not being bounded by the rules of society, our critics, our parents, our family, by any other people and more importantly our selves who always say that we are not good enough. Freedom is becoming our self when we were not yet playing the game called life, freedom is becoming the child who believes that he or she doesn’t need to be somebody else just to fit in.
In a world where almost everything is edited, filtered and processed, it’s becoming harder and harder for us to be authentic. We become a mix of different shades of colors that we forget that we have our own primary and original color. We have been playing the music note by note for too long that we forget to improvise and that it’s ok to be out of beat or tune sometimes.
I guess at the end of the day, freedom for me is becoming authentic in everything you do, following the rules but never forgetting to improvise, hustling your way towards your biggest dreams but never-ever forgetting who you really are and what you stand for. Because by knowing who you are, and doing the things that the authentic you will do can you be really free of this world’s unspoken rules and guides on how to live your life.
Do what you are supposed to do, free yourself and be a gift to the world through your authenticity.
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PPS: Be free!