Have you ever want something so bad but when you get it, you realized that what you already had is what you really want?
If you have been following me, I shared that my contract was not renewed and that led to me being out of the workforce for 52 days, the longest break in my career. I realized, if only we don’t need the money from my job, I would love to be jobless forever but, the reality is all of us have to work otherwise we’ll never survive. It is true for an employee and true even for an entrepreneur.
During my 52-day work break, I got to enjoy the things that I haven’t been able to do when I was so busy with work. I got to spend time with my family, binge-watch, play video games all day, exercise regularly, sleep and wake up late and a lot more things. What I was thinking though at the back of my mind is I really want to go back to work before our funds get depleted so everyday, while I enjoy being jobless, I wish and I pray to be back working.
I got what I was wishing and praying for this week. I started working again. Finally, after almost two months of break, I’m grinding again. I got what I wished for.
Let me tell you what my daily schedule looks like now. I wake up everyday at 515 AM, by 540 I start my commute to work, I arrive in the office by 715AM, go home by 3 PM, arrive home at around 430 PM, spend a little bit of time with the family, eat, work a little and sleep at around 1130 PM. Repeat that five times a week and now I am wishing to be jobless again. Of course, I am kidding, but, here’s the deal, most of us wish and pray for something and when we finally get it, we realize it’s not what we want.
What’s my point? We have to look at why do we really want our wishes to happen. Will it make us happy? Will it make us feel contented? Will it make us proud, or will it make us want something more? Remember the hedonic treadmill wherein we forever chase rainbows but we never become really happy? That’s what usually happens to us.
We keep on wishing for that dream house, that dream job, that dream salary, that dream partner but when we get it, either we wish for more or we wish our wishes didn’t come true because we realize we were happier before.
I am not saying be happy and contented where you are and don’t wish for more, what I’m trying to say is be fully conscious about where you are and where you want to be but don’t forget to ask yourself, why do I want it and why do I want to be there in the first place? By finding out the answers to these questions, we might just be able to escape the never-ending hedonic treadmill and finally feel authentically happy and contented.
What are you wishing for right now?
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PPS: I pray that all your wishes come true.