Always think positive, that’s what they usually say or advise to people who are dealing with something. But recently, I have been pondering whether it is really beneficial to always be positive.
So my university’s men’s basketball team is competing for the championship for the first time in 32 years! The last time they were in the finals, I was about 5 months old. Imagine how the whole school, current students and alumni celebrated when they finally got in. My wife and I even woke up at 430 in the morning just to watch that nerve-wracking game. We won by two points after the overtime. Yes, everyone’s happy but somewhere out there, there are people who are also sad. The other team’s players, their coaching staff and probably their whole school.
So in winning which we treat as a positive thing, there’s also losing which for some is a negative thing. Happiness, sadness, black, white, strong and weak, we usually live in duality. So it makes sense especially in a competition that we are happy or positive when we win and sad or negative when we lose. It’s easy to be positive if you won for sure but is it also easy when you lose?
Imagine how the person who missed the winning shot is feeling right now. Is it easy for him to be positive? Just the same as when someone lost a loved one, is it easy for that person to be happy? Or someone who was cheated upon by their partner, do you think it’s easy for them to love again?
What’s my point? I am not saying staying always positive is wrong. In fact, it’s a very good outlook on life. What I’m saying is that it’s ok to be “negative” at times when the situation calls for you to be sad, lonely, depressed, broken and any feeling that you may think is negative.
We must allow ourselves to feel sadness, brokenness, frustration, depression and as soon as we are comfortable with all those feelings of being negative, then that’s the time for you to pick yourself up and be positive. That way, we stay true to what we feel and not just push our feelings under the rag.
What I noticed with positive people is that they almost totally shut down negativity as if they are a clown with a happy facade ready to make people laugh when deep inside they are feeling the opposite.
The show must go on, that’s what they say, but always remember that the show you are in is yours and yours alone. It will go on whenever you choose for it to go on. If you feel the need to take a break, cry, sulk, be pessimistic and negative then, by all means, do it and when you’re ready to be positive again, give the world the greatest show you can give.
Be always positive, but give yourself the room to feel and be comfortable with anything that is not positive in your life.
PS: Have a day full of positivity.
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