Perfect timing…Perfect

Perfect timing…

How being part of toastmasters helped me nail my last presentation.How

How being part of toastmasters helped me nail my last presentation.

Last week, I presented a proof of concept that I worked on to our stakeholders. I did my usual thing, to present, but, this time with a lot more confidence and structure. Where did it come from? From being part of Toastmasters. I came to Canada as an immigrant doubting my communication skills. English is […]

Tracking your job applications.Tracking

Tracking your job applications.

One favorite thing I do is to track my progress. I journal, I track my food, my weight, my emotions and a whole lot more. For me, this is how I see my progress. Today I will be sharing with you a way to track how effective your job application process is. I have used […]

Love and kindness meditation…Love

Love and kindness meditation…

One of my favorite meditations to do is the love and kindness meditation. This is one of the simplest yet really fulfilling meditation I do. In love and kindness meditation, you wish for safety, happiness, good health and ease in life not just for you but also for other people. Here’s how I do it: […]

Garage shelf!Garage

Garage shelf!

Yesterday, I posted about how I am starting our garage shelf, today I am posting a picture of the 90% finished garage shelf with work table. To do: Add lighting to the worktable Add peg board and arrange my tools It was a fun weekend. Now I have to think of a new project. Be […]

Youtube University…Youtube

Youtube University…

I have done a lot of projects by watching Youtube and other video streaming sites and when asked where I learned all to do all those things, I say, Y.U. or Youtube University. Today, I am working on my garage shelves and this is the first time I am doing some wood work. It was […]

How to really enjoy moments with your kids…How

How to really enjoy moments with your kids…

1. When they talk, stop whatever you are doing and really listen. 2. No phones allowed during family bonding time. 3. Don’t think of them as your children and always treat them as if they are your equal who are capable to think and feel.

You are awesome…You

You are awesome…

Holy spirit…Holy

Holy spirit…

I remember attending my first prayer meeting as a kid with my parents is where I first heard about the Holy Spirit. The song, “Come Holy Spirit, I need You. Come Holy Spirit, I pray. Come with your strength and your power, come in your own special way.” Not sure who wrote it, but, this […]

Box breathing…Box

Box breathing…

Whenever I am starting to feel stressed, I do box breathing. Used primarily by people in high stress jobs such as police and soldiers, this breathing technique has helped me center and relax in times of chaos. Here’s how: 1. Choose the number of seconds to use (I usually play around 5-10) 2. Inhale for […]