Saturday bargain…Saturday

Saturday bargain…

Today I got two tablets for $45 and drum set mute for $60. I can say these deals were pretty good because easily, these items will cost $300++. Thanks to FB Marketplace, I can do things on a budget. What is your go to site for best deals? Be happy!

Is it impossible or we are just unwilling?Is

Is it impossible or we are just unwilling?

There are things that might impossible. If you are unwilling to just even try, then it will forever be out of reach.

Celebrate your wins…Celebrate

Celebrate your wins…

Every time I facilitate a small group discussion, I start by asking people what their wins are (big or small) for the week. It benefits us in two ways, it helps us refresh our memory with a different filter (looking for a win), and second, it helps us directly or indirectly feel a sense of […]

Grace is given, not earned…Grace

Grace is given, not earned…

Such a wonderful saying. It simply means, that grace is free and you can’t earn something that is already free. Our salvation is a “free gift of God” (Romans 6:23) and we don’t have to earn it. It’s like being given something you really want without having to work for it. That’s how much God […]

You are right…You

You are right…

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford This is one of my favorite quotes because this quote reminds us that we hold our destinies in our hands. We were dealt with different cards, but it’s really how we play it. I do have things that I can’t do […]

An encounter with a patient CSR…An

An encounter with a patient CSR…

I had an awesome conversation with a support representative from August Lock today and I’m really grateful how patient and respectful this guy is. His name is Sergio! I wish I can be that patient and calm when I talk to people I have challenges with, strangers and sometimes to people who have caused me […]

When will you awaken?When

When will you awaken?

When I was younger, I was a dreamer for sure. As I get older, smarter, better, I started looking inside and every time I look deeper, I awaken something that has always been there but was unconsciously being suppressed or intentionally being hidden away because of what people will say. We have no control over […]

Buddha says…Buddha

Buddha says…

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Buddha This pretty much sums up how you can live a life of fulfillment. Have an awesome end of week! Be happy!

My Ultimate DreamMy

My Ultimate Dream

My ultimate dream is to live an abundant life so I can lift my family, the people I care for, the people I work with, and my community up. How about you, who are you including in your dream? Be happy!

Canada Day!Canada

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians. Have an awesome one! 🇨🇦 Be happy!