Changing how I write the things I’m grateful for…Changing

Changing how I write the things I’m grateful for…

I changed how I’m writing the things I am grateful for. From just plainly saying the “thing” I look deeper now as to what did I receive or have really that enabled me to do that thing. For example, I am grateful for spending time with my kids to I am grateful for having the […]

Salary conversations…Salary

Salary conversations…

I have never been comfortable talking about my salary. There are 3 possible outcomes for these type of conversations: You’ll feel bad that someone is earning more than you You’ll feel good because you are earning more than somebody else Your emotions (sometimes ego) are not affected by these conversations and you genuinely feel contented […]

Surprise birthday gathering…Surprise

Surprise birthday gathering…

We surprised a friend for his birthday today. It feels good to be able to share happiness and be the reason for somebody’s happiness from time to time. Overall it was successful and was a fun-filled day. Be somebody else’s reason to smile. Blessed Sunday! Be happy!

Going to the beach…Going

Going to the beach…

I never liked swimming in the beach but I do like the feel. I don’t enjoy being out while the sun is showcasing all its power to us probably the reason why I don’t like swimming in the beach. Even though we don’t like some stuff, we sometimes do them especially for the people we […]

Rabbits’ HabitsRabbits’

Rabbits’ Habits

I usually read a book to my daughter at night and tonight’s book was a really good one. The title of the book is Rabbits’ Habits by Jane Moncure. It tells a story about three rabbits who have different habits that ranges from bad to good. My daughter resonated with the story a lot and […]

Building new habits…Building

Building new habits…

It has been 3 days since I started to build some new habits. I have 3 habits I am trying to develop. 1. Wake up everyday at 6pm 2. Run every other day for about 6+km 3. Eat lesser and healthier So far, it has been good. Ill definitely write on my progress. Be happy!

Faith and hope…Faith

Faith and hope…

“Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of faith is to see what you believe.” St. Augustine of Hippo Simple yet so powerful. Hope and faith combined help us believe in what we are not able to see and experience yet. If we believe even if we have not seen it, […]

You are more than who you think you are…You

You are more than who you think you are…

Don’t give away someone the consent to make you feel inferior. Be happy!

From one big thing to the next…From

From one big thing to the next…

I used to think I don’t have enough but the fact is I have more than enough. I used to only dream about the things that I have now and if I were to go back when I was just a tiny hopeful boy, I can say that I already got all that I wanted […]

Home improvement day…Home

Home improvement day…

Today is home improvement day. We hanged frames and clocks. We finished the tiling project for our fireplace and kitchen backsplash. We repurposed old android phones as security camera and lastly, I finished our smart home dashboard. Such a productive day. How did your Sunday looked like? Be happy!