Gift to others…Gift

Gift to others…

St. John Paul II says it best. “Our reason for existence is to make a gift of ourselves to others” I also hear my coaches say to me, don’t do a world a disservice by keeping your gifts to yourself. Be a gift to others and watch how your life flourishes. Be happy!



We picked blueberries yesterday and it was a lot of hard work! We bought the smallest container and it still took us about an hour to fill it up, and there’s four of us. I have renewed admiration to farmers who do this day to day and ensure that we have fresh and well taken […]



Today, I ran my first ever 10k! I have signed up for a couple of 10k runs but was not able to run on any of them. It was tiring and halfway through the run, I wanted to quit and take the easy route, stop. There’s a lot of battle going on through my mind […]

What to do today?What

What to do today?

Today is a Friday. I will slowdown today. I will spend time with myself and my family. I will sleep early. I will eat healthy. I will Be Happy!

What makes you happy?What

What makes you happy?

Doing something we feel happy or joyful about nourishes and recharges us. There are a lot of things that make me feel happy and playing music is one of them, how about you? Be happy!

Be a gift to someone…Be

Be a gift to someone…

Thank you for your service…Thank

Thank you for your service…

I want to thank all the frontliners all over the world for their service especially during this pandemic. My sister is a nurse in the Philippines and it pains us to see how she is exposed every day to the virus but she kept on working anyway because as she said, it’s her duty. I […]

Do you think everyone is doing their best?Do

Do you think everyone is doing their best?

I was listening to the audiobook Rising Strong, a spiritual practice by Brené Brown and one of the questions worth pondering about the book is Do you think everybody is doing their best? My answer, I think so. Why? I’ll try to summarize it in 3 points. Whatever our definition of “best” is different from […]

Blessed Sunday…Blessed

Blessed Sunday…

Have a blessed Sunday everyone. I wanted to thank God that I am still alive, my family is safe and I am able to do things that He wants me to do. Be happy!

About compassion…About

About compassion…

Practice compassion not just for others but also for yourself. It makes a lot of difference. Remember you can’t give what you don’t have so always start with the person in the mirror. Be happy!