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Anti-Incentive: An Unconventional Way to Stick To Your Goals

Do you always set new year’s resolutions/goals every year but fail to stick to them? Don’t worry, you are not alone. According to a recent research, only 37.8% of people in their twenties achieve their resolutions every year. So what happens to the remaining 62%? Well, they just simply wait for the next year so […]


Top 3 Decisions Millennials Are Procrastinating On

Millennials are often described as lazy, privileged, narcissistic and job hoppers. But, during one of the surveys I did; it seems millennials though procrastinating on making decisions show that they want to improve their lives either emotionally, financially and mentally. As a millennial myself, I do have a lot of decisions that I used to […]


What is Coaching and How Does it Differ From Other Helping Modalities?

Before undergoing my coach training, my view of a coach is limited to a sports and fitness coach and that what they do is to help you train and win (and for the other side to lose, if you are in a competition). Their emphasis is for you to do your best through rigorous training […]

Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon - HTOPCAJ3NT

Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon: Review and Demo

I have been playing drums for more than a decade now. I feel a little bit off when using a drum set for an acoustic set so I usually use cajon for these type of gigs. Being a musician without a car, it’s a little bit hard to commute with a bulky percussion instrument, that’s why […]

US Visa Application From Toronto

How to Apply for a US Visa in Toronto – Tips to Save You Money and Time

My cousin from the US invited us to spend Christmas in California. Having been denied a US visa the first time I applied in the Philippines, I was actually hesitant to try again. First, it’s not that cheap and second, we just moved to Toronto. Nonetheless, we applied and was lucky enough to get a […]


Should I Spank My Toddler? – The Best Alternative to Spanking

Have you experienced an urge to spank your toddler or child whenever he or she does something wrong? Do your anger and short temper sometimes get the best of you? Do you feel the corporal punishment at home is the way to go for disciplining your children or are there alternatives? Now that my daughter is […]

crowdsourcing and testing

What is Crowdsourcing and How it Applies to Testing?

Crowdsourcing is the process of soliciting services, information and ideas from a large group of people, usually from the online community, to achieve a specific goal. Testing, as defined in my previous article, is the process of identifying defects in a product, application or software produced or developed. Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is a portmanteau of crowd and outsourcing. The […]

The Feast

How The Feast Changed My Spiritual Life

It has been more than a year since I was introduced to The Feast in Singapore (The Feast started in the Philippines) and it was actually one of the most life-changing moments in my spiritual life. I was a newcomer in Singapore with very few friends  and acquaintances, when a friend of mine, who was also […]

Software Testing As a Profession

Is Software Testing a Real Profession?

I am a software tester and yes, software testing is a real profession and a lucrative one depending on your expertise. Although this might not be my dream job (still dreaming of becoming a rock star someday), I have learned to accept it and now I’m passionate about it. Probably, I’m not the only one thinking […]

My First Time Trick Or Tricking - Kaite with pumpkins

My First Time Trick or Treating

It’s our first Halloween here in Canada. If you’re thinking I got the title wrong. Nope, it’s not my baby’s first time, but “My” first time trick or treating. It’s my Baby’s second. When I was a kid, nobody celebrates Halloween, at least in the neighborhood I grew up in but that might be a different […]