I have never been comfortable talking about my salary.

There are 3 possible outcomes for these type of conversations:

  1. You’ll feel bad that someone is earning more than you
  2. You’ll feel good because you are earning more than somebody else
  3. Your emotions (sometimes ego) are not affected by these conversations and you genuinely feel contented by what you have.

Although I avoid these types of conversations, I used to experience 1 and 2 back then but a conversation with a co-worker from 7 years ago changed how I look at other people’s salary.

He said, as long as they are not taking their salary from my salary, I should be ok. Whether they are getting more or less than me, it’s their hustle, not mine.

To add to this, as long as you know your value, and your company recognizes that, then you should be contented and grateful.

Nowadays, I still don’t feel comfortable about these conversations but I now chose to feel number 3 whenever it does happen.

What do you feel about conversations about salary, 1, 2 or 3?

Be happy!