I have not been using Facebook a lot lately, I mainly use it for my business and there’s this one post that really stood out for me. Apparently, someone posted about something that she didn’t like about someone.

We do that a lot. A few years ago, I used to rant on Facebook about everything, the traffic, politics, personal feuds and so on. Today, looking back at my Facebook Memories, I feel horrible. On a brighter note though, I also realized that I’ve matured as not to use social media as an outlet for negativity. I have people I can talk to about that and believe me, my friends, real conversations give you what you are looking for in terms of outlet and support, likes and comments can only do as much.

So going back to us not liking something about someone, we traditionally have two ways to deal with it, suck it up or stay away. But we have a third option, try to see where that person is coming from. Once we put ourselves into that person’s shoe, we’ll understand why that person does what he does. We’ll be more empathetic, we’ll probably be less judgmental and be more open to understanding the real reason.

Same goes for traffic, feuds, rain, the storm, and trials. Look for the reason and once you find it, what are you gonna do about it and how will you control yourself?

What’s my point? We can only control so much, that is called your circle of influence and you guess it right, you can only control yourself (to be honest, we sometimes don’t have control over ourselves too). The next time you feel agitated, mad, or uberly judgmental about the something or someone, think about the only thing you have control about… yourself. You can get mad, sad, happy, aloof, grounded and whatever, just as long as you are CHOOSING to feel and do “that”, then you should be ok. Because we humans love to be in control. We can rant all we want but the situation won’t change, other people won’t change for us, so always go back to something or rather someone you can change… You!

When was the last time you feel that you were in control?