You read that right, ask and you MIGHT receive. It’s not the bible verse, Matthew 7:7, Ask and it will be given to you… but yeah, you get the idea.

Have you worked on something really hard and the payment or reward that you got is not what you are expecting but you chose not to ask for more? Have you ever wondered, what the answer will be like for a question that you really want to ask but you decided to keep it to yourself? Have you ever liked somebody so bad but you decided to not even ask for that one date?

Most of us are like that. We are so afraid to ask questions thinking it is dumb, it’s not meant for us, it’s not related to the topic or we are too afraid to be branded as the only one in the room who do not understand what’s happening. What I learned is that, nowadays, people won’t just give what you want in a silver platter. Most of the time you have to ask!

Have you been in a flea market with your mom and when she finds something, she will ask for the price, followed by asking if she can buy it at 30-50% less the original price and to your surprise, she’ll get it? That’s one classic example of “ask and you might receive”.

Last week, while negotiating about my job offer, I asked if they can increase my base salary a little. I could have accepted it as is but I know I will regret not asking for a little bit more, so I ask anyway and I got it! I wouldn’t have married my wife if I didn’t ask her to marry me, I wouldn’t be playing the drums if I didn’t ask my teacher to teach me how to play the drums. I can go on an on about how I got what I wanted because I asked for it.

What’s my point? People we interact with have no idea what we are thinking, our actions and body languages might give away what we want, but nothing beats stating and asking what we want. People won’t know we need help if we don’t ask for help, our teachers won’t clarify things that we don’t understand unless we ask them to clarify, we won’t create relationships if we don’t even ask somebody else’s name. Don’t be afraid to ask, most of the time there’s really no harm in asking especially if you think you deserve what you are asking for.

We can ask God, the universe, for things that we really want, we may or may not get it but if the intention is there and we are ready to work for it we might just get it. Remember, most of the things that we have now, might be the things we were dreaming and asking for before.

Although asking for something is a good move to get what we want, always try to reciprocate or pay it forward if you can.

When was the last time you ask for something and got what you were asking for?