I rarely talk about faith in my coaching sessions because faith is personal. We have different views about it, but I’ll share my experience last week.

I am attending a Feast Video session when in the video, they sang Set a Fire by Jesus Culture (check this out, this is one of my favorite worship songs), after talking about getting out of the way and letting the Holy Spirit take over. This song has less than 10 repeating lines but it is so powerful.

So here goes the story… We have been house hunting since March, primarily because our family is growing and the space is beginning to feel small. Apparently, no lender will give us a mortgage because I just transitioned from being a full-time employee to a contractor (by choice).

We are hopeful, especially me. But every time there’s a ray of hope, we got rejected and it has been like that for the last 4 months and last Saturday, I just felt tired from all of it. I just felt like I needed to let go, and let go I did.

It is probably because of the song, probably because of the talk, probably because I’m tired but primarily, I let it go and let the higher being (in my case, it’s God) to take over and even though I have wants of my own, I told my self, let Your will be done and right there and then, I felt light.

I’ll push but not too much because I still believe, nothing will move if you don’t push but I’m taking it easy now, semi come what may attitude with a hint of control.

What’s my point? We might believe in different higher beings, or sometimes just simply faith but the next time it felt heavy, always be aware that you can count on your higher being to make everything lighter. Just like what I always say when someone is looking for a job, if the job is for you, you will get it… but of course, you won’t get it if you do nothing. You have to try, push a little (or hard) and know that if it’s for you, the universe will conspire so that you will get it, whatever or whoever influences it.
So the next time you’ve tried all the things humanly possible, but you still didn’t get what you want, try saying, let Your will be done, you will feel lighter.