2018 has been an awesome year so far. We sold our condo, albeit we are renting. We made a major purchase, I got a new job, a have a few side-hustles, my coaching practice is starting to take-off, my son was born, my daughter started school. There’s a lot to be thankful and grateful for.

Only, tomorrow, I won’t have my job anymore. My contract was not renewed. I’m paying for the major purchase that we did, my car loan, my other loans, our rent, our daily needs. Whew, now that I wrote it down, I am paying for a lot of things and for my income source to be cut just like that, I should be panicking. I am but not really.

Here’s why. We have a bit of savings in the bank, a credit line, a few side-hustles that can help us for the time being, friends who are ready to support and most of all, I believe that the one up there has something great in store for me, for us.

How am I so positive you ask? I am not, I’m hopeful! Hopeful that if one door closes, another bigger, better door will open. Hopeful that if I work my ass off, my side-hustles could actually be a good source of income for us. Hopeful that I will get a job in 2 weeks because I have the skills. Hopeful that my God, have something in store for me.

According to my VIA Character Strengths Profile, my top strength is Hope. It says, “You believe that the future has good things in store, and you regularly look on the bright side of life. You see and appreciate positives, often when others focus on what is wrong.” I took this about 8 months ago, and Hope was also my top strength back then. I guess I am really “HOPE FULL” eh?

What’s my point? Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are at the top, sometimes, you are at the bottom. Do you know where hope is? The belief that the wheel will keep on revolving. Believe in the cycle, believe that you won’t stay where you are (unless you don’t do anything) and believe that everything will be alright. It’s not wishful thinking, it is hopeful thinking. Wishing is daydreaming, hoping is doing.

The next time you have a very difficult situation, keep your hopes up, relax, ask for help, pray and most importantly, take action!

How can you apply hope in your most current difficult situation?