The life we are living is the combination of the different sections/life aspects in the wheel of life.

What is the wheel of life? It is a tool that lets you identify where you are at in the different aspects of your life. It has a lot of versions but mainly, sections in the circle are finance, health, spiritual, career, friends and family, fun and recreation, personal development and romance.

Why am I bringing up this now? This is personally one of my favorite coaching tools because it gives a great snapshot of how irregularly shaped (rather than rounded) your life is. Now, getting an irregularly shaped “circle” is not bad, it just means that at the moment, you tend to focus more or not on things that matter whether unconsciously or consciously.

When I did this activity, I ranked career and everything else really high but social relationship as low. This made me realize that the introvert guy in me is holding me back from flourishing on my social relationships. After identifying the why, I made a conscious decision to improve it in the most feasible and comfortable way I can.

Just knowing how low or high you are at in the wheel of life helps you decide how to proceed. If for example, you ranked romance as low but deep inside you, you want it to be higher, then you should be doing something about it. Go on a date, hire a relationship coach, make exciting changes in your love life and whatever “conscious” steps that will help you up your rank to where you want it to be.

What’s my point? By knowing what you are lacking at or what you are abundant on helps you identify what needs to be done so you can live the life that you want. If you are consciously ok that you lack or abundant at something and there’s no concern, then that’s perfectly fine. But, if it’s the other way around, and you “feel” you are ok with it, then that is passive life striving.

The more you know about yourself, the more you are able to unlock your best self and live the life that you want.