Post 162

I ran (and walk) 15 km today. Definitely not my fastest as it is 2 km less with a phase of 30 second more from my best.

So why am I writing this if I didn’t beat my best? Because I learned 3 important lessons today.

Lesson #1 – I learned that I am capable to run at 2° C for 15 km

‌‌Lesson #2 – I am able to listen to my body when it was screaming that I cannot run anymore so I walked

‌‌Lesson #3 – As I was listening to Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, the reason why I’m not stopping when I’m tired is because my ego doesn’t want me to as I have to prove that I am my numbers‌‌

Lesson #4 – There are a lot more of aha moments from “losing” than winning

I’ll be honest, I did feel bad not beating my record, but there will always be a next time and the wisdom I got today is far more valuable than running 19km at 6:10/min phase.

Have an awesome Saturday everyone.

Be happy!