Post 161

I used to hope a lot when I was younger, now I am hopeful and grateful.

I hoped for life to be better, I hoped for an abundant life, I hoped for happiness and joy.

Today I’m grateful because life became better, life became abundant and I am happy and joyful not just because I got what I was hoping for but also because I have people to share it with.

I gave up on the idea of better and abundant life is all about having more money and fame, I realized that a better and abundant life is as simple as having food on the table, a roof to protect us, a healthy body, and being able to give back to other people and the community. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

So now, let me hope for your life to be better, for your life to be abundant and for you to have happiness and joy.

I’m grateful to have known you and my hope is that I can someday support you even in tiny ways.

Be happy!