Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? I bet everyone wants to win! Not just in the lottery but in life. That’s human nature. May it be a basketball game or even a simple bet. We all want to win!

This week, the lotto prize here is $60M. Imagine if someone wins that all by himself? He will be set for life. He can donate 20% to charity, give the 15% as “balato” (money given away in goodwill by a winning gambler) to his relatives, buy a house then invest the rest.

Yeah, that was me dreaming, but what are the chances of me winning it? 1 in 28,633,528, that is more than the current population of Ghana!

But people do win in reality and in their dreams.

What’s my point? You cannot rely on luck. Luck has its merits, but you can create your luck, you can create what’s real, you can make your dreams come true. So instead of dreaming about winning the lottery, go and bet on the lottery so at least you have 1 out of 28,633,528 chance to win it. While waiting for your chance, make your dreams a reality by working on it and taking action. Start NOW!