It’s been a while since a company that I’m working for sponsored my whole day training. Well, I kinda missed feeling sleepy in class, arriving late and of course the free lunch and snacks.

It’s ironic that I’m missing going to class but when I was in university, I hated going to one. I’d rather sleep or play gigs than go to class thus the reason for me being delayed. 🙂 I was not valuing my education back then, well, because I was not the one paying for my tuition.

So I took my masters wherein I was the one paying for everything, yes… up to the last centavo and guess what, I had very good grades, grades that back when in my undergrad were just a dream.

So what did I learn? That most of us will not value what we have unless we have a stake on it. If we are the one paying for it and if we know the answer to “what’s in it for me?”.

I learned it the hard way. With half a dozen failing subjects and 1 semester extended, I was lucky to be where I am now. Oh well, of course, I worked hard for it but if I was just mature enough, I could have at least be on time and who knew, would have gotten a Latin honour.

What’s my point? cherish your education, be hungry for knowledge, keep on improving and investing in yourself. Don’t let setbacks put you down and be more grateful when you get things for free.