I have been meditating for over a year now every day, until last Friday, I totally forgot to do it… There go my 400+ days of continuous meditation.

I felt sad and disappointed but I realized, there’s really nothing I can do about it and when I ponder about it a little bit longer, the question that surfaced was; what’s with the number and what will you use it for?

It seems I am tracking numbers not for personal improvement but as a trophy and that was a great insight for me.

I started to track my steps, the hours I spent on every activity, my meditation for the purpose of self-improvement, and meditating 400+ days in a row did help me improve, so whether I lose the streak or not, I grew and I got better and that’s what’s important.

What’s the lesson? I’m grateful to have the time to spend 400+ meditation sittings and I’m excited to do a thousand more not focusing on the streak this time but how much I improved.

Be happy!