Yesterday, after doing some errands, I was reversing our car to our garage when I realized that I was reversing the wrong way. I panicked and stepped on the gas rather than the break. I accelerated backward so fast that the first thing my mind thought about was the worst thing that can happen, the garage and the car broken.

Luckily, I got into my senses and stepped on the brake when the car was about 12 inches from the wall. I felt relief but was still in shock. Heartbeat in all-time high, hands shaking and my head spinning. The first thing I uttered, unconsciously was thank you, Lord, I am safe.

As I reflect on what happened, I have been extremely grateful that nothing bad happened and that my Faith is the first thing I held unto after that event. It would have been great if my mind went into faith mode than worry mode but that’s something I can always practice.

The message was clear, Faith is believing in something not just through the good times but also when everything is  going sour, and I am grateful to have found something to believe in.

Have an awesome start of the week everyone.

Be happy.