I used to always complain a lot when I was younger.  From my own situation up to how the government does things.

I used to think why was I poor, why don’t I have other people have, why is he more handsome, why are they more intelligent than I am, why am I fat and others have abs, why is this person my boss when I am better than him, why is our government like this are just some of my many complaints in life.

As I was going through my own journey towards happiness, I realized that where I was at before to where am I now is a thousand times better and yet I still complain. The realization that I already have what I need was the catalyst for to me stop complaining.

That’s what gratitude is and that’s one of the keys to real happiness and joy.

Be grateful not just when everything is going great but also when everything is not falling in to place. Be grateful not just for great blessings but also for the small ones.

A lot of people have already attested to the power of having a gratitude practice and I would like to encourage you to try it yourself.

Every day, start with writing at least one thing you are grateful for, big or small, good or bad. If my Kid can do it, I’m sure you can too.

Be grateful, be happy!