It has been more than a year since I was introduced to The Feast in Singapore (The Feast started in the Philippines) and it was actually one of the most life-changing moments in my spiritual life. I was a newcomer in Singapore with very few friends  and acquaintances, when a friend of mine, who was also invited by her friend, asked me to attend the 5th anniversary event of The Feast Singapore. While I was there, I saw a band playing, and to be honest, that’s the only thing that caught my attention. In my mind, I wanted to just play in a band and nothing more.

Joining the Music Ministry

I attended a few more feasts and was invited to join the Music Ministry because I know how to play drums and percussion. Of course, I happily accepted. Finally, I’ll be able to play in a band. Never mind Jesus, never mind the prayers, I just have to focus on the songs as I’m a musician first and an attendee second.

This went on until I attended the Kerygma Grand Feast Asia 2015. As usual, I’m a musician first and an attendee second, but, during the closing song, I felt something. I have never enjoyed playing music my entire life until that moment. That moment when everything slows down and you can feel every beat and every note coursing through your body, mind and heart. That moment when you felt the holy spirit within you, and that moment, when you realized that you are a servant of the Lord first and a musician second.

Serving the Lord Through Music

From then on, I have attended each Feasts with a different mindset. We usually have Feasts on Sundays in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre and I try to attend almost all sessions as much as I can. I also try to attend and play music for other Feast locations in Singapore as part of my service to the Lord.

The least that I can offer to God for all the blessings that he has given me and my family is my talent. Even if we are already here in Canada, I still plan on continuing what I started in Singapore, to use my God-given talent to worship and spread the word of our Lord.

Attending the Feast Here in Canada

A fellow drummer and feaster in Singapore introduced me to her friend who recently moved to Toronto and happens to be a member of the Feast Singapore as well. In fact, he was the one who picked us up from the airport when we landed and is now one of the leaders in one of the Video Feasts here in Ontario.

We were very lucky to have a Feast Video here in Toronto, where we currently serve. Actually, more and more Feast Videos are being established here in Ontario aside from the full Feasts. It’s truly heart warming and fulfilling that even if we’ve moved several thousand miles away from the Philippines and Singapore, we can still praise, serve and worship God through The Feast.