When I was growing up, we were not wealthy, but not really dirt poor. I always dream of being rich, being able to buy whatever I want and being able to help people who need help and I always believe that the only way to be successful is through hard work.

I have always been a hard worker, at least that’s what I believe. I’m an opportunity grabber. I taught drum lessons when I was in the university, did some programming side hustles and worked on anything that can help me earn some money. I realized, I carried that until now.

I grab every opportunity that comes to my way work-wise, even if I can’t exercise, even if I have little sleep, even if I can’t spend time with my family. I grab every opportunity because my thinking is that opportunity won’t always come so I should grab it while I can and while they are coming until I heard the top 5 regrets of the dying in the radio.

One of them is “I wish I hadn’t worked too hard”. This struck me. I have been working too hard to provide for the family but if I can’t spend time with them, what am I really working for? I’m really lucky to have my family beside me, I can’t imagine how hard it is for breadwinners who have to work far from their families. That must be heart-breaking.

What’s my point? Grab every opportunity because it’s not always there BUT try to find the balance between working too hard and working enough so you can spend time with people that matter most. This is the best opportunity you can grab that no money can buy.