A week before our landing, after much pondering, I decided to get an LTO Certification with Ribbon so I can drive in Canada under a G2 license without having to undergo G1 (Student License) training and examination.

Surprisingly, this process is not too tedious. Overall, even  though I’m dealing with two Philippine government agencies, it just took me a total of 35 minutes, which by Philippine government service standards is extremely rare. Anyway, below are the steps you need to do:

LTO Main Office (5-10 minutes to complete)

  1. Photocopy your Driver’s License and License OR (do bring the original document)
  2. Go to LTO Main Office located on East Ave, Quezon City
  3. Go to Window 10, you can ask the security guards, it is within the vicinity of the chapel
  4. Usually, there’s no line so just approach the officer and tell him/her that you’ll be applying for a DFA certified LTO Certification. Give them the photocopy of your license and OR.
  5. The officer will give you a stub and will ask you to pay in Window 3.
  6. Return to window 10 with the receipt, the officer will give you a claim stub that you will use when claiming the LTO certification from DFA Aseana after 5 business days (claim date is indicated in the stub)

DFA Aseana (30-40 minutes to complete)

  1. Go to Gate 2 then drop your claim stub in window 4 (Be sure to check the claim date in the stub to ensure that your LTO has already forwarded your certification to DFA.) then wait for your name to be called either from window 5 or window 7.
  2. Once your name is called, the officer will give you a payment slip that you need to bring to window 9 (Be sure to remove the stapled payment slip from the other documents to avoid delay). The cashier will give you a receipt.
  3. Bring the receipt together with all the documents given to you in window 7 or 5 to window 9 and write your name in the claimant registration form. Sit down and wait for your name to be called again.
  4. Once your name is called (either from window 5,6 or 7), line up and get your DFA Certified (red ribbon) documents. Ensure that you have two documents (the DFA certification and The LTO certification) and that the details are correct.

Although the process is quite fast, I believe they can make it faster. Maybe by having a DFA processor in LTO or the other way around.

I’m lagging behind on my blog posts, as of writing, I’m already in Canada and I’m writing this entry at 3AM due to jet lag. The next post will be about our departure and arrival.