Before flying, we made a checklist on what to bring. This will ensure that we have all the needed documents before we move out of the country. It’s actually not so hard to research since most web sites and blogs have a section on “things to do/bring before landing”.

My favorite sites for these kind of research are either forum or Be sure to bring whatever you think you’ll be needing since it will be hard for you to get these documents/things once you’ve landed.

To Bring Description
Passports Must not be expiring within 6 months
Confirmation of Permanent Residence Form This document should be included when they give you your visa, one for you and one per individual coming with you.
B4E – Personal Effects Accounting Documents (Accompanying items)

B4A – Personal Effects Accounting Documents (Items to follow)

All items listed here will be tax free.

Downloaded here:





If you are bringing more than CAD 10,000 (cash and any other monetary instruments) you need to declare this with the Canadian customs.

Foreign Currency and Other Foreign Exchange-Denominated Bearer Monetary Instruments Declaration Form


This is the counterpart of form E677 in the Philippines.

Birth Certificates Bring at least two copies per person. This can be ordered online now through this site:
Marriage Certificates Bring at least two copies. This can be ordered online now through this site:
Medical Records Bring all medical records, including the one you’ve submitted during your medical exam. This should be typewritten.
Dental Records Ask your dentist for your dental records. Our dentist used the form from the Philippine Dental Association.
Children’s Vaccination Form If you have children coming with you, be sure to have their pediatrician list down all the vaccines administered to your children. The form should also be included in your Visa pack but, if it’s missing, you can download it here:
IELTS Bring your original IELTS results
ECA Bring your original Education Credential Assessment document
Transcript of Records Bring at least two original or certified true copies of Transcript of Records coming from your school
Diploma Bring the original diploma
COE Bring original certificates of employment from all the companies that you and your wife worked for
Drivers License Bring driver’s license and receipt
LTO Certification with Red Ribbon Bring original document. Note this document has a 6-month expiry.
Bank Draft and Canadian Dollars Bring all monetary instruments with you, you must declare if more than 10,000
Medicines Bring medicines, especially if you have maintenance meds

In filling out the personal effects accounting documents, you need not list down everything per piece (although this one is advisable). You can lump it into logical groups such as clothes, gadgets, shoes, food, etc. In our case, the customs officer didn’t ask for this form and told us that the goods to follow form is what matters.

We still have jet lag, thus this post at 6 in the morning EST. Until next post.