It doesn’t matter what your past is, no one will know how your future will look like and all I know is that today, you are enough and so is everyone else.

I had a hard time wrapping this idea around my mind. How can I be enough if there’s a lot of things I’m missing? That very concept of “missing” is the culprit for me not feeling adequate.

I am not enough because I used to compare myself with others or in most instances, society’s concept of what an individual should have for him or her to be enough.

Lots of money, fame, material things, degree are some of the things one should have for them to feel that who they are and what they have is enough, but does it really make us feel that way?

There are a lot of famous, rich and highly educated people who still feel that what they have is not enough and have often confessed that they are not happy despite having what we normal human beings are longing for – money and status.

So what is really the key to feeling enough and being happy? Gratitude and contentment.

Be grateful for what you have, what you  had and what you will have. Appreciate the little things, stop comparing and have that inner peace knowing that what you have is enough and that you are enough.

Contentment was a negative word for me back then, I feel like if I get contented, I won’t do anything in my life anymore to get better but it was so damn wrong. Contentment is different from being complacent.

Being contented is being grateful for what you have, had and will have while being complacent is being ok with what you have and had, no concept of will have. So complacency makes you stop being better, contentment makes you look forward to what else is out there.

Be grateful, be contented, because YOU are enough.