We can always learn new things…

Yesterday, I finished working on my weekend project, garage shelves with worktable.

I am not a carpenter nor did I ever imagine being and learning the skills it takes to be one.

I guess being a Dad gives you a lot of different perspectives.

I learned everything from Youtube, I jokingly tell people I am able to do new things because of Y.U. (Youtube University).

I did our kitchen and fireplace backsplash, did some electrical, made our house a little bit smarter and now did the garage shelves, all because of the abundant resources on the internet.

What’s my point? The saying you can’t teach old dogs new tricks for me is wrong. You definitely can teach old dogs new tricks especially if they are open and willing to learn.

Learning new things has to start with us. One tip do and stay committed to learning new things is to change your mindset from I HAVE to learn this to I WANT to learn this, trust me, it makes a lot of difference.

Be happy!