When I was just starting out my coaching journey, I have no idea what intuition is although I might have been using it all my life.

Intuition, some people call it gut feeling, some call it instinct but whatever it is for you, at one point in your life, I’m quite sure you’ve used it too.

Fast forward to today, I am using my intuition as much as possible especially if I am not sure what to do and you can use it to.

One way to get better in using intuition is to use it more often. Here’s one good and fun way to do it.

If you are in front of multiple elevator doors, try to guess which elevator will open for you. If you guess it right, great, if not, it doesn’t mean your intuition is wrong, it’s just that, it needs more practice.

One key take away is that intuition is always neutral and there’s no such thing as right or wrong intuition, it’s the label we put in it that makes it right or wrong.

The next time you are faced with a tough decision, know that you can always trust your gut.

One extra tip, to make your intuition more effective and powerful, bundle it with a prayer. It always works.

Be happy!