Millennials are often described as lazy, privileged, narcissistic and job hoppers. But, during one of the surveys I did; it seems millennials though procrastinating on making decisions show that they want to improve their lives either emotionally, financially and mentally.

As a millennial myself, I do have a lot of decisions that I used to procrastinate on. Or, the reverse, I decide on a lot of things all at the same time.

I conducted a survey regarding the decisions millennials usually procrastinate on and the reasons why they are not making the decision. I got over 130 responses from millennials from 4 continents and the results are surprising.

The Survey

The survey has 8 question. Out of these questions, the two most important questions are the questions below.

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Decisions Millennials Are Procrastinating On and the Reasons Behind It

Before doing the survey, most of the millennials I talked to are thinking of either moving abroad or pursuing graduate studies. The result of the survey is both interesting and eye-opening.

Here is the overall result of the survey on what decisions millennials are procrastinating on.

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The top 3 decisions millennials procrastinating about are:

  1. Following their passion
  2. Starting a business
  3. Pursuing graduate studies.

And here is the overall result of the survey on the reasons why millennials are procrastinating.

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Top 3 reasons why they are procrastinating on making decisions are due to:

  1. Financials
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Fear

Below is the infographic about the result.

Top 3 Decisions Millennials Are Procrastinating On by Kulas Angeles



Millennials may be branded in different ways but like any generation before and probably after them, humans will always procrastinate making decisions due to various reasons.

Some people are better at getting clarity by themselves but most of us if not all need support and inspiration in getting it to make decisions.

Support can come from friends, family, colleagues and even strangers such as coaches and mentors.

After achieving clarity, then decisions follow, then achieving it comes next!

What do you need to make those decisions that you are procrastinating on?

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