How many times have we judged our situation negatively only to find out we judged too soon and we judged wrongly?

Last Friday, I wrote about how sad I am but it turned out there was nothing to be sad about.

I took an exam for the course I am taking and I was not confident about the results, to make matters worst, I have to wait 3 business days before I get the result. So for the last 3 days, I felt down and worried every time (about 10 times a day :D) I open my email and the course’s site thinking I failed.

The results came out today, and I passed! What’s funny is that the moment I changed my mindset from thinking I failed to feeling excited about seeing a passing mark, I did get a passing mark!

So the question is, what was I worried about and why am I judging my situation hastily? Then I remember something I heard from an audiobook about how we should postpone our judgment because, for all we know, we are just being set-up for success.

I had a happy ending for this course but I guess the main lesson I learned is that worrying won’t give you anything but sadness and negativity, live on the present, and think about the solution and not the problem at the right time when the situation merits it.

Be happy!