Last week I got my certificate for being a volunteer Kid Coach in the Ready Set Goal program by the Future Possibilities for Kids Canada (FPKCanada).

It is a 6-month program where you coach and support a kid to achieve his or her goal of contribution. A goal of contribution is any goal that contributes to the betterment of their community and society as a whole.

As you all probably know I am a certified life coach so you might be asking why am I still volunteering to be a different kind of coach? The 3 reasons are:

  1. To learn something new
  2. To improve my coaching skills
  3. To serve

In this program, my Kid has taught me to be patient, understanding, be more open-minded, and believe in possibilities.

More importantly, the feeling of fulfillment of being of service to others makes my heart full and one of the greatest sources of my happiness and joy.

I am telling you that I serve not because I want my right hand to know what my left hand is doing, but because I wanted to share that with our limited time and lots of responsibilities we can be of service in our own little way.

Also, for me, serving other people is one way to show my gratitude to all the people that helped me and this is my own way of paying it forward.

If you are in Canada and you are interested to become a Kid Coach, here’s FPCanada’s link

Be happy!