As I was meditating today using Hallow (really good Catholic meditation app), there’s one prompt that stuck to me and it is sort of what I have been trying to find for the longest time.

I am usually impatient and easily angered so I try to look for ways how to catch myself before I succumb to anger and impatience and today I found one.

Probably one of the best questions to ask yourself whenever you are not sure is, “Is this what God wants me to think or do?”. This is centered around Catholicism but if you are not a catholic, another way of asking this question is “Is this what my higher self wants me to think or do?”

By making this an anchor whenever we are unsure about what to do, or what to think, at least by checking in with ourselves and asking the question, we become more aware of the decision we are about to do.

Have a blessed Wednesday.

Be happy!