It was my daughter’s birthday yesterday and what I will be writing today is about that.

We ordered her favorite toy from UK for her birthday gift without noticing that the delivery time might be longer than usual and might not make it before her birthday.

Since she really likes it, what we did was to pray for it to be delivered in time. This is also our way of telling her that there’s nothing impossible if we pray.

Guess what, a day before her birthday, it arrived making her a happy birthday celebrant.

What’s my point? If you are intentional about what you are praying for, it will come in His time.

Although my example might not be that life-changing but my international prayers in the past have changed my life for the better.

Our prayer usually starts with what we are grateful for followed by what we want to pray for.

Do you know what will make your prayer more powerful? Pray more for other people than for yourself.

Have a blessed Thursday!

Be happy!