As I was browsing Facebook last year, I saw an ad about an organization called Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK) looking for volunteers to be a kid coach. I always believed that our children are the future and being a life coach my self, I told myself, I should be one.

So I applied, attended some training and became one.

Coaching kids is a lot more different from coaching adults. Kids are more prone to saying I don’t know and the most challenging for me is how to keep them engaged the whole 30-minute session as focus sometimes goes out the window in about 10  minutes.

One thing I learned and I try to teach my kids is possibility thinking. It is thinking that anything is possible no matter what the circumstances are if you open your mind. Kids although they always default to I don’t know (and if they do say this, 80% of the time, they really don’t know) they are open to possibilities. They come up with great ideas with a little more probing and encouragement.

I wish we have this program in the Philippines so we can develop better future leaders who really care about the community.

So with this, I would like to ask for your support to help us help more kids by donating to our campaign. Here’s the link.

Me, FPK and the kids that we will be able to support in the future will be really grateful for any help you can give.

Be happy!