I’m trying Tatay (Dad), do you want me to quit?

Was the answer I got from my daughter when I asked her if she wants me to take away her room and just sleep with us because she kept on transferring to our room in the middle of the night.

When she says she’s trying, she will sleep in her room for about an hour or 2 and end up either in our bed or her grandparent’s bed.

There’s a lot of weight in her statement, at least the way it hit me.

She is trying, I can clearly see that but I am not appreciating it. She doesn’t want to quit but I realized I was not encouraging her when I asked her the question.

The lesson for me here is, appreciate the people (including yourself) who are trying to become better and encourage and cheer for them whether they fail or they succeed (including yourself). We’ll never know how much these things mean for them.

Be happy!