I was watching Frozen 2 with my daughter for the 10000th time and I just realized a knowledge bomb in this movie!

The scene was when Anna was talking to one of his father’s guard Mattias, they had this conversation:
Mattias: … Be prepared, just when you think you figured out your way, life will throw you onto a new path.
Anna: What do you do when it does?
Mattias: Don’t give up, take it one step at a time and…
Anna: Do the next right thing.

I think this message is more powerful and applicable than just being a random Disney movie line.

Life will throw a lot of curveballs and just when we think we’ve figured it out, it will take an unexpected turn.

This is the case for a lot of us affected by the COVID-19. What should we do? Take it one step at a time, and do the next right thing.

Stay home, enjoy the gift of time and let’s pray together that we can overcome this with the grace of God.

Have a blessed Saturday.

Be happy!