Last night, my daughter and I were bonding, when out of the blue, I did a cool dance move.

I’m not a dancer, so definitely cool for me is not that cool for others. 😁

Anyway, my daughter said, “Tatay (Dad in Filipino), what if the neighbors see you?”

I told her, it doesn’t matter if they see me and I pulled out lesson number one from my book of wisdom and shared it with her.

Lesson number one is, don’t let other people take away your happiness.

You are your own captain, what other people think about you most of the time doesn’t matter (except if you are looking for constructive criticism or feedback) and basing your happiness from what they think will definitely not make you happy, only worried and disappointed for not living up to their expectations.

So dance like no one is looking, sing like no one is listening and … You know the gist. 😁

Have a safe and happy Thursday.

Be happy!