My mother instilled in us to always say thank you for all the good deeds people gave us. She always says that it’s the least that we can do.

What I will add to that is to say thank you not just for the good things but also for some of the bad things people throw at us.

It is hard but if you are going to do the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth saying, you really won’t win, in fact no one wins.

Someone gave you praise, say thank you.

Someone did nice things you, say thank you.

Someone criticizes, berates do bad things to you? Even if it’s hard, say thank you to God for giving you the capacity to empathize, forgive, and love other people even if they are hard to love.

Life is short, choose wisely whether to live with hatred in your heart or live peacefully and full of gratefulness and love.

Be happy!